Doggy Daycare

dogs playing in play yard

Doggy Daycare – A neat solution to a hectic lifestyle

Over the last few years, Doggy Daycare camps have been rising in popularity. With our modern hectic lifestyle, many dog owners simply lack the time, energy and focus needed to maintain their dog’s physical and mental health. A Doggy Daycare can be a valuable solution to this problem.

How to Select a Doggy Daycare?

How do you make sure your dog will be well taken care of? Here are some helpful tips when selecting a Doggy Daycare facility:

1-Adequate Supervision: Dog to adult ratio in good facilities should not exceed 1:15. Obviously, smaller ratios such as 1:10 mean better supervision for your pet. Also, supervisors should be alongside the dogs inside the rooms at all times, and not watching from outside.

2. Enough Room for Playing: A good daycare facility will offer each dog 75-100 square foot of play area. The number of dogs in a group should not exceed 15. Beware of dog daycare facilities that offer less space or cram more than 15 dogs in each group. Overcrowded facilities mean less play time and keeping your dog locked inside the cage for most of the day.

3-Qualified Staff: Dog daycare supervisors need to be well versed on behavior training, canine body language, and CPR. Staff should have extensive experience supervising large groups of dogs and belong to professional organizations such as the American Boarding Kennel Association.

4-Discipline Policy: Many daycare facilities use harsh punishment to discipline the dogs. Make sure you are aware of the daycare’s discipline procedures. Only force-free, positive reinforcement should be allowed.

5-Clear Activity Schedule: Your dog’s activities such as playing, feeding, and cleaning should be clearly outlined, and openly communicated with all pet owners.

6-Proper Assessment: A reputable dog daycare will evaluate your dog for signs of anxiety or aggression. A thorough evaluation will reveal any negative issues your dog is experiencing within a group such as overwhelm, stress, or unhappiness. Your pet should be placed with other dogs that share the same play styles and activity level.

7-Safe & Comfortable Environment: Take a look around and make sure there are no safety or health hazards that can harm your dog. These include loose or damaged fencing, dirty cages, offensive odors or loose wiring. Look at the health status of other dogs. Do they look and act happy?

A Dog Daycare is a very convenient way to keep your dog happy while you are away. But make sure you do the proper research and accept only the best environment for your pet. At Smart Dog Camp, we strive to select the best group to match your pet’s character and activity level, provide your dog with plenty of play time and maintain a clean safe environment.