Dog Grooming

woman grooming dog

Groom Your Dog For More Vitality

Regular dog grooming sessions should be an essential routine in your dog’s lifestyle. Your furry friend will look and feel good, enjoy more energy and vitality, and remain in tip-top shape – both physically and emotionally.

Grooming should start at an early age when your dog is still a puppy. If you wait too long, your dog may suffer from unnecessary stress at each grooming visit. Getting your dog used to grooming is especially important for long-haired dogs that require more time at the groomer.

Grooming takes patience, so put aside time for a grooming session when you’re relaxed and well rested.

Some advantages of dog grooming include:

Improve Your Pet’s Appearance

Brushing your dog regularly – whether long or short haired – allows spreading of the natural oils in your dog’s fur. This gives your dog’s fur a healthy, overall luster. Brushing also removes grime, dead hair, dandruff, ticks or fleas.

Your pet will look and smell his/her best with brushed, shiny fur, clean teeth, and clipped nails.

Reduce Stress and Improve Behavior

Grooming prevents discomfort and irritation allowing your dog to stay relaxed and stress free. Long hair that is not regularly brushed results in hair matting. This causes extra weight and bad behavior. Long hair can also hang over your pet’s eyes, causing irritation and reducing vision. Overgrown nails and tooth aches can be very painful which affect your dog’s comfort level.

Keeping your dog clean will reduce stress, improve your dog’s capabilities and prevent aggressive behavior.

Prevent Disease

Neglecting to groom our pets can lead to a variety of diseases and costly vet visits. Most diseases can be prevented right from the start by sticking to regularly scheduled dog grooming sessions. Some common diseases include:

Hair Matting is caused by excessive loose hair becoming entangled. If not regularly brushed out, the loose hair transforms to heavy lumps, causing skin irritation and restricting normal body movement. Matted fur can also accumulate between paw pads

Overgrown nails lead to infection and bending of your dog’s toes. If not treated, this will lead to walking abnormalities.
Grass seeds that go undetected will result in swelling and severe infections.

Parasites such as fleas and mites cause constant itching and may be fatal to your pet.

Dental disease that is not treated in a timely manner causes teeth pains, reduced appetite and bad breath.  It can even lead to damaging your dog’s organs including heart and kidneys.

You can avoid most of these diseases and enjoy lower medical expenses by maintaining regular grooming visits.

Getting your dog used to regular grooming will make it easier for him/her to be handled during regular vet checkups, especially around teeth, eyes and feet. Professional grooming sessions also allow your dog to interact with other dogs which will improve his/her social skills.

Detect Any Abnormalities Early

Grooming is a perfect time to check the status of your dog’s overall health. Abnormalities such as irregular lumps, dry patches, ingrown nails, flea infestations, blocked glands and ear/eye infections can be detected early on and given the appropriate treatment.

To ensure the best grooming experience, consider getting a professional groomer from Smart Dog Camp. Our expert groomers will go the extra mile to offer your pet a stress-free environment, check your dog thoroughly, and treat your pet as an individual that requires special attention.